Three Readings   $24.95

OneOne Reading  $9.95

Dream interpretations

Dream interpretations delivered to you via the internet, directly to your personal e-mail, done confidentially by me, Mariah de la Croix.  No matter how graphic, how morbid, how silly or sordid, when you send the full description of your dream to the e-mail address that I send to you for your reply, I will personally interpret the dream and have the results back to you within 72 hours after receiving your description.

For this low cost of just $9.95 you will receive one Dream Interpretation, or 3 three Dream interpretations for $24.95 You can choose to have all interpretations at the same time, one now and one or two later, or even share with a friend,  That decision is completely up to you.  As always your  payment and information are secure with PayPal and your information is totally private with us here at Lady Mariah.

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